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About Cindy

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My goal is to help you achieve a healthy body that you love! No fad diets that leave you frustrated, hungry, and feeling like you failed again. I believe in a lifelong eating plan that includes eating the foods you love! We will focus on whole foods to nourish and fuel both your mind and body. If you desire weight loss and/or have issues with high cholesterol, hypertension, pre-diabetes, or type 2 diabetes, I will help you build an eating plan to achieve your optimal health. My expertise in both nutrition and fitness will leave you feeling empowered and confident to live the healthy and energized life you deserve.

Cindy obtained her BS in Nutrition and Food Science from San Diego State University and MS in Nutrition and Food Science from San Jose State University. She is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Lactation Consultant, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. She has completed numerous races, including the Wildflower Half Ironman. Fitness and nutrition are her passion, as well as assisting others in reaching their health goals.

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